Hey readers,

I want to apologize for being inactive for a while. I’ve had some doubts about this blog/site and thought about taking it down. But the truth is I’m going to keep it up and I’m going to continue to just write on here. I keep forgetting that blogging is something that should be fun, that should be something that is part of me and it is. It’s been my whole life.

Trying to be a blogger but also VLOG is kind of a hard thing to do especially as a part time employee and full time college student. BUT I am going to make it work. I’ve decided that I’m going to add my vlogs on here instead of on YouTube.

my YouTube channel will consist of tag/challenge videos, and much more.  Since that it is the start of a new month, VEDA to be exact. I’m going to BLOG every day this month and hopefully add some videos as well.
Again I am so sorry, but I am back!


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