June 12, 2016

            This is the date that affected so many people around the world. It didn’t just affect those apart of the LGBT community, no, it affected PEOPLE. 

       It’s a shame that we have to protect ourselves for being exactly what we’ve been told to be since we could walk && talk. It is a shame that we are told to “be careful where you put your gay pride, end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.” How come you’re not saying that to the straight people? 
        This attack isn’t just towards one specific color/race or religion, this attack was out of hatred for the LGBT community. This attack was hatred on love. 
        A victim came forward and said she had heard the gunman say it had nothing to do with colors, it had everything to do with the fact that America bombed his country numerous times. He went after a gay club because he had a furious reaction to what he had previously seen and just thought, “hey maybe I can send a message this way.” 
       He sent it & he sent it loud & clear. 
But this, this does not stop the fight. This doesn’t stop me from denying who I am, from fighting for my own rights to live and love freely. This does not keep my silent. 
Am I afraid ? of course, but I am NOT afraid because I am part of the LGBT community, I am afraid because I am part of this world. A world that kills for being black and just roaming around the streets. A world that kills children who are just in school to learn. A world that kills within hate over two men happily loving each other. 
         it’s sad to say that we live in a world where hate grows and love fades. 

I am deeply affected by this tragedy. These people who lost their lives because of this, will remain in my heart and my mind. They will never be forgotten. 
I stand hand in hand with Orlando. 
Rest In Pride. 


June 12, 2016

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