The month of June | LGBT editions 

hey there, how are ya? Hope you’re doing well. I cannot believe that it is already JUNE! For those of you who may not know or have forgotten (which I highly doubt) June is basically pride month for the LGBT community. Not only was gay marriage officially legalized in June but on the last Sunday of the month every year NYC throws a big parade for gay pride. 

Not only the parade but much more exciting events for those who are 21 and over. Unfortunately, those who are younger cannot attend any other pride event than the parade but hey it is still a blast. 
This upcoming year will be my third year attending pride. The first time I went to the Pride parade was eventful but tiring. I didn’t stay the entire time because my mother came along and although I love the support, she kind of killed the whole purpose of being there. I was kind of shy to be prideful around my mother at that time. 

Last year I went with my sister and her friend who went with us the year prior to that with my mother. It’s basically tradition. So this year I plan on going with a big group, but even if I don’t end up with a big group I’m hoping to leave the city with a huge smile on my face and MANY photos / selfies / usies with random, beautiful prideful woman AND men. 

I have yet decided what I am going to wear, but I do plan on being very bright and colorful. Hopefully it actually does happen lol. 

Although I am very prideful of who I am on a regular basis it is just great to be in a place where for those 24 hours, I can laugh and dance and scream amongst people who have gone through HELL and back and also with people who are straight and just support the LGBT community 100%. 

my coming out story to my family wasn’t as complicated or  heart breaking as most people had to deal with. I was lucky enough to have an amazing set of parents and group of family members and friends. But growing up as the “big girl who likes females AND males AND transgender” is kind of “unnormal and weird and ATTENTION seeking.” 

deep down, I always knew who I was but just didn’t know the exact name for it. and I really don’t care about the opinions of others. I mean they aren’t the one that is in my bed at night sooo, IRRELEVANT. lol. yeah. just did that. 

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not but since this month has started all of my posts have been about the LGBT community. Well, it is not JUST because of the month but also because it is a huge part of who I am. Of course I will be posting other things for instance; 

  • Poems (that only I write.) 
  • rants 
  • social media tips and tricks 
  • tips and tricks within anything 
  • life hacks 
  • VLOG’s
  • advice posts 
  • reviews (makeup, technology, apps, sites, clothing, businesses, etc..) 

So please do keep an opened mind when it comes down to my blog/site. The LGBT topic may come up numerous times, after all I am pansexual. 

The goal here is to do something I love most and combine it with all the other activities I enjoy doing. Since summer vacation has started for me, you will be seeing a lot of me. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week/weekend , I will talk to you soon! 



The month of June | LGBT editions 

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