When To ‘Know’

Hey there! So I’ve been asked a couple of times “how do I know I’m ready to come out?” and honestly I don’t know how to really give an answer half the time.

the reason behind me coming out was because I was in a lesbian relationship, I wanted her to know my parents. I wanted to be who I was around her and around my parents at the same time. I wanted my mom to know she’s not just a friend but someone who means a lot to me. I wanted my family to see what I saw in this girl. 

I guess I was just really into this girl that she was the ultimate reason why I wanted to come out. To be myself and be comfortable and not ashamed of who I was as a person and with her as well. 

but I also had a gut feeling that my parents would be okay with it. I’ve told them once in freshman year, they were cool about it so I think that just made things easier when i knew exactly who I was and just told them the second time around.
so I guess to answer all of your questions, you’d just have to be sure for yourself. Are you going to be okay and understanding their point of view if they end up not accepting you? Could you be able to live without your parents or loved ones for a little while until they understand where you are coming from? Are you REALLY positive that you just want them to know? What is your reason behind telling them? Stick with that reason. Make sure you have someone by your side so you know you have a shoulder to cry on if things end up badly. 

it’ll come easy if it’s something you really wish to let out. If you’re too nervous to come out today, know that it is okay. Wait until you aren’t TOO nervous. Wait until you are comfortable. 

Brianna Anjelique. 

When To ‘Know’

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