Dear Homophobes..

My name is Brianna Anjelique, I am a 19 year old college student. At the age 12 is when I discovered for myself the feelings I had gained for both females and males. It wasn’t until my freshman year when I started to actually go out my “normal” comfort zone and experiment whom I truly was. I can’t say that my first kiss with a female was what “turned me gay” or what ‘made me know’ that I was actually into females but the things before and after that kiss. The way I felt about females more than I felt for males. The way that I rather date females than males has always stood out for me. The way that I FEEL more comfortable within the way I am around the female I am interested in rather than the male that I’m interested in.

Do you see a pattern here? If you scan the paragraph above this you’ll see many sentences with the word ‘feel’ or ‘felt’, etc.…

Take a second and realize why YOU personally are ‘straight’. If you’re a female, think as to WHY you like males and if you’re a male think as to WHY you love females. I bet you automatically thought something within their appearance that automatically triggers for you within that sex/gender. That is a feeling. That is an attraction, an attraction to that person whom happens to be the opposite sex of yours.

Those of you whom ask ignorant questions: “why are you gay?” “Have you had any sexual intercourse with a male?” or vice versa for those questions towards gay men. My question to you is, why in the world does their life affect you? Quit it. Just hush up.

I won’t say, “Its 2016 get over it.” No because I mean racism is still around and look how far back it’s been within that topic. It’s a nonstop cycle of opinions and you know what, HAVE your opinion. YOUR OPINION IS OKAY, but it’s only okay for you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with someone’s way of lifestyle. But stop with the ignorant, disrespectful comments and questions. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. You’re literally wasting your breathe and your time in your short life on making opinions based upon another’s person’s life.

The way that you like a person, the way that you don’t like someone, the way that you don’t like eating certain foods and love eating other foods is what YOU are into it doesn’t mean everybody else in the world is going to like what you like or don’t like. So no, I’m not telling you to get over the amount of LGBTQ members there are in that community but get over the fact of trying to control their lives.

Look away if it’s not what you want to see. The way that YOU have rights as a HUMAN BEING and citizen in this country, is the same way this other HUMAN BEING has every right to do what they want to do within their love life/sexual lifestyle.

I love woman but I also like men, BUT I ALSO am attracted to transgendered woman/men. “Hearts not parts”. Why? Because that is who I am, that is who I will ALWAYS BE.

If I marry a man, I will still be a married pansexual woman and vice versa. I Will ALWAYS be who I am no matter what my future comes out to be.

Instead of making your opinions and trying to control one’s lifestyle, create peace. Don’t like their lifestyle that’s cool, but at least keep the disrespect away from those who do choose this lifestyle.

Would you want someone to tell you to live your life a certain way?

I think not.


Brianna Anjelique.

Dear Homophobes..

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