this is me

I finally decided that my entire blog and my YouTube channel are now dedicated to WHO I am. who am I? yes I am Brianna Anjelique but I mean, the pansexual young adult that I am. 
around me there is no such thing as Pansexual. ok well maybe there is but not many know what it is. Out of all the people I have told/came out to, they had to ask or look up what it meant. so I didn’t and still don’t have anybody to go to when I have questions and want someone to understand where I am coming from because no one really does understand. No one can understand if they haven’t gone through a similar situation, being a pansexual woman. 

so my blog and my VLOGS will show any pansexual teen or tween or even adults that they are not alone. And maybe it could just end up inspiring many other people and helping others, because that would be more than great.
that would literally be the best for me, my life would be complete. 

this is me

3 thoughts on “this is me

  1. Hey, I consider myself somewhere between bisexual and pansexual – I don’t really mind either “label” to define myself. So, this really inspired me. Thank you!

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