Dirty Secrets SNEAK PEAK !! 

hello readers, 

here’s a bit of a story I’ve been trying to write. you’ll see more of these little posts because it’s all I seem to write. can’t really finish things but some day I will. 

What do you guys think? be honest. 



Ivy is woken up to the touch of hazel’s fingers… tracing her bare back. 
God she’s so soft She thought to herself. 
Goose bumps became to form all through her body.. the more Hazel touched the more that spread. Ivy sighed out loud as hazel moved in closer. Slowly kissing her, first her left shoulder, sliding to her upper back, and lastly to one of her weak spots; her neck.. 
She groaned out loud. 
“oh hush” Hazel shouts out.. “you know you love this…” she says in between kisses. 
Her hand began to slide down Ivy’s back, she grips onto her ass so hard and makes it shake and in the most sexiest tone every she says, 
“wake up.. i want you.. i want you now.” 
Ivy bites her own bottom lip.. slowly opening up her eyes and fixing herself. Her naked vanilla curvy body is now in the direction of Hazel’s. They make eye contact as Hazel removes the strands of hair falling down from Ivy’s face. Letting her hand just trace down her cheek, following her jawline and stopping right underneath her chin. She lifts Ivy’s face up and places her left hand on Ivy’s lower back pushing her closer, she leans in until their lips are pressed together. 
At first it’s sweet and passionate, loving and kind but then, Ivy adds a little twist sneaking in her pierced tongue. Ivy places her right hand on the back of Hazel’s neck pushing her closer, letting her tongue go deeper into Hazel’s mouth each time. Their tongues intertwine with one another over and over as if they are wrestling as to who gets to be on top. Ivy slips out her tongue and pushes Hazel back forcefully onto the bed as Ivy gets on top; Ivy wins. Hazel bites her bottom lip as she looks at the view in front of her. 
oh shit. She thought to herself. 

Ivy leans down to kiss hazel’s lips as she starts to move her body in waves. Hazel’s hands begin to roam all over Ivy’s back, down to her ass, going with the flow of her body movements. Ivy’s pussy was rubbing against Hazel’s with her boxers being the reason why they werent any closer. Ivy begins to move her body a little faster.. grabbing Hazel’s hands and placing them on her beautiful big breasts that Hazel adored. Hazel automatically squeezed her boobs into her hands, pushing them together too. Ivy’s body still moving like waves in a 123,123,1-1-123,123,1-1-123… movement. At every “1” her pelvis would move inwards towards Hazel, collapsing their bodies together as every “two” and “three” were slow movements backwards letting Hazel’s thighs feel Ivy’s ass cheeks rub against them. 

Dirty Secrets SNEAK PEAK !! 

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