Don’t Change, Just Grow.

Sometimes I look myself in the mirror and I do not recognize the girl looking back at me. it’s like all my life I’ve stopped myself from doing certain things so I don’t piss off or disappoint my parents.. and now I stop myself from doing things so I don’t look like a fool to the world. Every little thing we do in life is looked at. I mean really, everything. 
High quality universities look at not just your grades in classes or GPA but what you did over the summer, did you get arrested for hanging around with the wrong crowd one night or did you go away to volunteer at a summer camp? 
Most of us were told as children to never care about the opinions of others and to work hard to achieve our dreams and yet the older we get the rules change up. we have to work hard at all times but do we really get what we wanted to achieve? when rules change our own lifestyle changes too and it is only to please others. 
I am only 19 years old and yet I feel as though I’ve lived the life. I was born with two amazing, SUPPORTIVE, funny, friendly, loving, caring, respectable parents who never gave up on giving my brother and I the best that they could give. I grew up with my brother who protects me from a distance. I have family members who go above and beyond for me and family friends who treat me like blood. I met amazing people in my life that once were just classmates or just a kid at a party but now they are more like family too. Then there’s my love life, very complicated because I am a female who doesn’t give a crap about what is under any HUMAN’s clothing. 
When I first figured out whom I was and whom I wasn’t, it was hard for me to believe that my family would accept it. from stories that I have heard it was hard. it was hard for me to accept it myself. 
And yeah, when I look in the mirror sometimes I may see a stranger, or for a split moment I may not recognize who is staring right back at me but isn’t that normal? 
In life we do not “change” we grow. Life is about growing up. Into multiple worlds taking on a stupendous amount of obstacles.. it’s about growing out of habits and going into a new exciting lifestyle. So the next time you look yourself in the mirror and you do not recognize yourself, brush it off honey because it is just a great start to a new beginning! 

Don’t Change, Just Grow.

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